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Grief and Loss

All changes in life – even the ones we celebrate – involve loss. All losses need to be grieved. Grief – the normal, natural response to significant loss – is one of the few truly universal experiences, yet, because it can be so uncomfortable, so painful, we don't talk much about it in our daily lives. So, despite its inevitability, we can find ourselves feeling lost and hopeless when we encounter it, with no port in the storm.


No one can go through grief alone, yet most of us don't have people in our lives who are capable of giving us the space and time that we need to process and learn about our grief, much less the knowledge needed to help guide us where guidance is possible. It is normal and natural to be in need of professional support on your grief journey. While no one can take away your pain – while no one can make things go back to the way they used to be – I can offer you a lot of support to help you cope better with your grief and get to brighter days.

Continue reading below to learn about just some of the ways I can help you through this.

Death, But Not Just Death

Death of person or pet, divorce, job loss, ability change, relocation, graduation, new relationship... I understand that, regardless of the nature of your life's change, it may involve some loss that can be difficult to cope with.

Everything Is Different

As if your primary loss isn't enough to work through, this person or situation was connected to so many other areas of your daily life that you are encountering a hundred things a day – big and small – that you now have to adapt to. It can feel overwhelming. I can walk alongside you and help you figure it out, step by step.

Tangled Web of Feelings

Guilt, anger, pain, abandonment, loneliness, stress, just plain sadness... I can help you to identify, cope with, and express the many feelings that can arise as part of your grief in ways that are healthy.

Don't Move On

I've learned that "moving on" is simply not realistic. Your deceased loved one, or whatever past situation you lost, is too important and too much a part of you to leave behind. I can help you find ways to create and maintain a healthy connection to the person or situation that is gone, yet still so present in your life.

When? Why? How?

All this change can lead to a million questions exploding in your mind. I can answer some of them, help you find your own answers to others, and help you find peace with the ones that may have no answers.

I Don't Fit Anymore

The person or situation you lost isn't the only one you can no longer relate to in the same ways. You may also be noticing the feeling that many or even all of the people around you are now keeping their distance or treating you in ways that range from unhelpful to hurtful. I can help you learn and practice effective ways to relate to others in this new reality.

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