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Insurance & Rates

I do not accept insurance at Growing Forward. There are six big reasons why I believe this model is best both for me and for the clients I see.

  1. The most direct reason is that when my payment comes from you, my primary incentive is not to do work that will satisfy an insurance company, but to do work that will be most effective at helping you meet your goals.

  2. Taking insurance would require me to give you a diagnosis, which I would then need to report to your insurance company. If you do not seem to qualify for a mental disorder, that would lead either to your insurance refusing to cover counseling or me being forced to be dishonest about the content of our session. Getting paid directly by my clients allows everyone involved to avoid that whole mess.

  3. Getting paid by you is the only way I can provide you with therapy that is fully private and confidential. Insurance companies can demand at any time to see my clinical notes for the sessions they are paying for.

  4. You and I will decide together how many sessions you will have and how frequent they will be. Getting paid by insurance companies would only allow me to see clients for as long as and as often as insurance dictates.

  5. If I as your therapist were beholden to insurance companies, I would need to document and report on our sessions in very specific ways, and would be under the constant threat of being audited and having to pay the insurance back for not dotting an "i" or crossing a "t." Not taking insurance alleviates that stress, which benefits both me and my clients.

  6. Setting a private pay rate at my own discretion allows me have balance in my own life and be at my very best when I'm doing my work!


If you have out-of-network insurance benefits you would like to use, many PPO insurance plans can reimburse you for part or all of the session cost. There are two ways to do this:

  1. I can send you what’s called a Superbill, which is basically an invoice that you can file to your insurance. If they pay for out-of-network mental health services, they’ll process your claim and reimburse you.

  2. We can go through a company I work with called Mentaya. If your insurance covers out-of-network services, Mentaya can file claims and handle the insurance paperwork for you. They charge a 5% fee per claim, but it’s a lot simpler on your end.

Please note that payment for services is due on the date of the appointment.

Intake session = $50 (70 minutes)

All sessions after that = $130 (50 minutes)

The value you will get for investing in therapy is much higher than many other things that we spend money on throughout our lives. Getting good therapy can lead to dramatic improvements to your mental wellbeing, which can also affect your physical wellbeing and other areas across your life. The things you take with you from your therapy sessions can help you navigate life's challenges for many years to come.

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