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Offering therapy in-office in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, and via telehealth across the state | 586-576-6523

Licensed Professional Counselor Wesley Lawton Smiling in Mount Clemens office with plants and large window behind him.
Growing Forward Counseling logo arrow shaped tree

Wesley Lawton, MA, LPC

Helping people find peace after trauma and loss

Have you experienced a loss or traumatic event that is overwhelming?

Does it feel like life can never be good again?

Do you feel stuck, lost, and directionless?

Do you keep waiting to wake up from this nightmare, hoping everything will go back to the way it was?

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Wesley, and I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor. I've dedicated my practice at Growing Forward Counseling, using my experience and training, to supporting people through grief and helping people heal from trauma and distressing life events.


In the weeks, months, and sometimes years after a major life change, it's normal to feel lost, stuck, or misunderstood. While I know that there's nothing anyone can say to take away your pain, I can walk with you on this difficult journey. I can help you process your thoughts and feelings so that they feel less overwhelming. I can help you find peace, as well as hope for what a good life for you can look like.

Click here to learn more about my specialization as a professional grief companion.


If you have been traumatized by an event in your life, you know that it can have a major impact on your emotions, thoughts, relationships, and physical wellbeing long after you survived the event itself. Traumas can range from major disasters to seemingly small things you encountered growing up that have stuck with you. I primarily utilize a type of therapy called EMDR to help clients find true healing from trauma, and have been trained in an EMDRIA-accredited program.

Click here to learn more about my specialization in treating trauma with EMDR.

I want to partner with you to help you grow as a person and to find better ways to respond to your circumstances. I specialize in helping people understand and cope with grief and traumatic experiences, and am highly capable of helping in other areas as well, including

  • Improving your mental wellbeing

  • Leaving stress behind, whether from present realities or past experiences

  • Finding more peace on your spiritual journey

  • Relating more effectively to the people in your life

  • Obtaining a job that's a great fit for you

  • Changing behaviors you're ready to move past

  • Making peace with your upbringing

  • Growing into the best version of yourself

We know from research that clients are most likely to meet their counseling goals when they feel that their therapist hears and understands them, relates well to them, and uses interventions that clients can get on board with. These are the areas where I excel as a therapist. When you are working with me – regardless of what you are up against – I am present with you, really listening, and respecting you as the expert of your own life. I seek to see you for who you are, and employ effective approaches that best fit you.

Wesley is by far one of the most knowledgeable, empathetic and professional therapists I’ve worked with. I’m grateful to have found him. He has played such a positive role in helping me navigate through difficult seasons of my life.

 – Shannon

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